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Once upon a time...

    April, 2019

    Initial research on what would become the Fresh Protocol, the consensus mechanism of the FreshCredit® network, a fair and inclusive credit reporting, scoring, and lending protocol.

    May, 2019

    Engineering designs of the Fresh Protocol begin to form into a scalable service helping billions around the world.

    July, 2019

    Negotiations begin with seed investors by presenting detailed research on a significant problem that can be solved deploying new technologies.

    October, 2019

    First seed investor, Firas Kaddah, bringing in the needed resources to begin building the foundation of the compliant legal framework to deploy the Fresh Protocol.

    November, 2019

    FreshCredit® Inc. acquires Freshcredit.com and begins the trademark process to protect the brand IP as we begin to launch on a multinational scale

    December, 2019

    Taking the research, FreshCredit® begins to build out the global industry market strategy by implementing efficient and compliant data processing partners and tools such as Twilio, HubSpot, and IBM Watson.

    August, 2020

    FreshCredit® Labs is approved access to consumer and business credit data to be able to start engineering in the integration between FreshCredit® and Experian, Transunion, and Equifax, etc.

    October, 2020

    FreshCredit® Inc. files FreshCredit® Labs LLC in the state of Wyoming. We begin the trademark process to protect the brand as we begin to launch on a multinational scale

    November, 2020

    FreshCredit® Labs is approved for US-based merchant service to begin system diagnostics and open up the beta tester list for project feedback as we begin building core functions and features.

    December, 2020

    FreshCredit® Inc. filed formation of the nonprofit organization, The FreshCredit® Consultants Inc., and acquired an insurance surety bond. As we develop a transparent, fair, and inclusive system, we must keep public issues and global crisis at the forefront of our mission.

    January, 2021

    Round one beta testers round 1 are manually deployed through the nonprofit. This process takes 3 months for each cycle. Two cycles were completed. The nonprofit will govern the FreshCredit® network as a committee of specialized and educated advisors until it can be handed over to the community.

    April, 2021

    Beta testers round two results show that the process does indeed help users improve their credit score, better understand how to use credit, and want to continue learning in order to reap the full benefits of credit as a whole.

    June, 2021

    Results of the beta testers along with the clear way to improve the current models and numerous discussions with experts, political representatives, reputable organizations, and thousands of individuals who have signed up for the release of the beta application, we can conclude the need to build these products.

    July, 2021

    FreshCredit® Labs applies for federal trademarks for BlockID, BlockScore, and BlockIQ, allowing us to begin building technologies associated with globally recognized brand name products.

    August, 2021

    FreshCredit® Inc. applies for a utility patent. We begin the IP protection process to protect the community developers and engineers as we begin to build a global technology in an emerging economy.

    April, 2022

    FreshCredit® files the official company formation for FreshCredit® Inc., the parent company, in the state of Wyoming, allowing us to remain compliant as we begin to raise capital to develop the project at a global scale.

    June, 2022

    FreshCredit® begins the process of hiring experienced team members who share a common passion for the overall mission and what it will do for society.

    August, 2022

    FreshCredit® Series A Round begins. Everything is handled through an SEC and FTC compliant platform.

    October, 2022

    FreshCredit® BlockID App - FreshCredit® Wallet is FreshCredit's official wallet for the FreshCredit® app helping manage the user’s BlockID. It is a full-function wallet available on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

    January, 2023

    FreshCredit® BlockScore Network - FreshCredit® Network speeds up syncing of the blockchain. Tests have shown wallet syncing occurring much faster, depending on the network environment.

    April, 2023

    FreshCredit® BlockIQ DAO - More efficient data storage improves performance for operations that use locally stored blockchain data, especially wallet restoration and blockchain synchronization.

    July, 2023

    Deploy Network Testnet - The FreshCredit® testnet is a free-to-use blockchain designed for testing purposes. It runs code that is the latest FreshCredit® release version.
    Chapter One
    Our key leadership
    Dan Thygesen
    Chairman & Head of Operations
    Dmitry Pugachev
    Vice Chair & Head of Technology
    Sean Weppner
    Secretary & CEO
    Charles Wolfus
    Cofounder & Treasurer
    Chapter Two
    Our devlopers & engineers
    Devon Shigaki
    Founder & Jr Fullstack Engineer
    Darin Manley
    Sr Security Engineer
    Kelvin Bonilla
    Sr Backend Engineer
    Filip Kalebo
    Sr Backend Engineer
    Blaine Schwab
    Jr Frontend Engineer
    Santiago Medina
    Jr Backend Engineer
    Amit Kumar
    Jr Backend Engineer
    Umesh Tripathi
    Jr Backend Engineer
    Allisher Khassanov
    Jr Data Science Engineer
    Norbert Katuna
    Jr Frontend Engineer
    Chapter Four
    Our advisors
    Lynne Robinson
    Sr Global Impact Advisor
    Mike Lincoln
    Sr Global Legal Advisor
    Ike Theodore
    Sr Global Policy Advisor
    Wise Chou
    Sr Global Operations Advisor
    Bharat Shah
    Sr Global Security Advisor
    Steve Magennis
    Sr Corporate Business Advisor
    Russell Walker
    Sr Global Academic Advisor
    Matt Sorg
    Jr Technical Ecosystem Advisor
    Christian Duffus
    Jr Corporate Business Advisor
    Subhash Gupta
    Jr International Technical Advisor
    Chapter Five
    Our consultants
    Firas Kaddah
    Cofounder & Security Consultant
    Lisa Hester
    Sr Corporate Brand Consultant
    Teresa Anaya
    Sr Corporate Compliance Consultant
    Isha Varshney
    Sr Digital Asset Consultant
    Team Stats
    Team members have come together with a single goal.
    Years of programming and engineering experience.
    Years of public service and official political affairs.
    Open Positions
    You're in good hands. Our team's background is well versed.
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