This whitepaper will introduce the Fresh Protocol’s global, decentralized credit scoring and lending protocol. This protocol addresses these concerns and existing limitations by moving the credit reporting and scoring process onto the blockchain. The Fresh Protocol is designed to provide a standardized and composable credit reporting and scoring protocol to simultaneously reduce consumer and business risk, scale the benefits of credit scoring globally, and interoperate with decentralized and centralized applications. 

The Fresh Protocol is a programmable ecosystem allowing both fiat and digital asset lenders to issue compliant loans utilizing a standardized modular framework that is a compliant and composable risk assessment process on a deployable on a global scale while increasing the competition to lower fees and improve the borrower experience reducing the barrier for entry.

The Fresh Protocol provides solutions for some of the most complex problems currently thwarting global economic growth and commerce. Issues include cross-border credit scoring, credit drift, regulatory compliance, identity theft, defaults, and consumer entry barriers because of a lack of financial data and credit scoring infrastructure.