Devon’s Journey Begins: FreshCredit’s Building Blocks of Innovation

August 27, 2022

In the ever-evolving landscape of financial technology, FreshCredit® emerges as a beacon of innovation, dedicated to revolutionizing the credit industry through decentralized blockchain technology. Let’s embark on a condensed timeline that showcases the crucial building blocks paving the way for FreshCredit®’s remarkable rise.

Patenting, Branding, and Pre-Seed Round:

FreshCredit®’s vision begins to take shape as its founder, Devon Shigaki, sets out on a journey to build a system that will fix the broken credit landscape. Recognizing the significance of protecting their intellectual property, FreshCredit® invests considerable effort into the patenting process. This complex endeavor demands meticulous attention to detail and legal expertise. After two years of dedicated work, the patent process culminates in a provisional patent filing on August 27, 2021, with plans to acquire a permanent patent one year later. This milestone marks an important turning point in FreshCredit®’s journey, solidifying its unique approach in the realm of credit technology.

With the patent secured, FreshCredit® sets its sights on branding, realizing the importance of a strong and memorable identity. The organization acquires the domains FreshCredit®.com and FreshCredit®.org, establishing a digital presence that aligns with its vision. These domains become the foundation for FreshCredit®’s online platform, which will serve as the gateway to a decentralized credit system.

As FreshCredit® continues to gather momentum, it embarks on a pre-seed round, seeking financial support to fuel its ambitious goals. Firas Kaddah, a visionary investor, recognizes the potential of FreshCredit® and provides a significant investment of $30,000. This infusion of capital not only bolsters FreshCredit®’s financial stability but also affirms its vision as a groundbreaking force in the fintech space.

Federal Trademarks and Product Development:

To further solidify its presence in the market, FreshCredit® recognizes the need to protect its innovative products and systems. The organization files federal trademarks for its BlockID, BlockScore, and BlockIQ offerings. These trademarks serve as a testament to FreshCredit®’s commitment to developing cutting-edge solutions in the field of decentralized credit and identity verification.

Product development becomes a focal point for FreshCredit®, as the organization seeks to bring its visionary concepts to life. With the foundation laid, FreshCredit® embarks on the process of refining its products and systems, leveraging blockchain technology to create a secure and efficient credit ecosystem. These products aim to empower individuals and businesses alike, offering a decentralized approach that emphasizes data privacy, transparency, and efficiency.

Formation of FreshCredit® DAO and Federal Nonprofit:

As FreshCredit®’s influence and reach expand, the organization recognizes the importance of establishing a framework that aligns with its decentralized ethos. FreshCredit® forms the FreshCredit® DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), a community-driven entity that will provide governance and decision-making capabilities for the platform. This decentralized model ensures that power resides in the hands of the community, fostering transparency and inclusivity in FreshCredit®’s operations.

In parallel, FreshCredit® also establishes a federal nonprofit, based in the forward-thinking state of Wyoming. This nonprofit entity will enable FreshCredit® to pursue its mission with a social impact, driving positive change and fostering financial inclusivity through its decentralized credit system. FreshCredit®’s commitment to social responsibility and collaboration becomes central tenets of its operational framework.

Excitement and Enthusiasm for the Future:

FreshCredit®’s journey, marked by milestones and groundbreaking achievements, generates a wave of excitement and enthusiasm in the financial technology landscape. The organization’s ability to secure patents, acquire prominent domains, file federal trademarks, and secure strategic investments showcases its commitment to excellence and its vision for a decentralized credit system.

FreshCredit®’s innovative approach holds the promise of transforming the way credit is accessed and allocated, with blockchain technology serving as the catalyst for change. The alignment of financial stability, privacy, and efficient resource allocation becomes the bedrock of FreshCredit®’s mission, inspiring confidence in its ability to drive positive disruption.

As FreshCredit® continues to evolve and forge ahead, the stage is set for a new era in credit systems, one that will empower individuals and businesses while fostering economic growth and stability. Stay tuned for the next installment, where we will explore the technological advancements and intricacies of FreshCredit’s decentralized credit ecosystem.


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