Empowering Global Financial Inclusion: FreshCredit and T-Mobile Forge a Transformative Partnership

June 26, 2023

A Meeting of Titans: The Dawn of FreshCredit

In the realm of financial technology, innovation is the cornerstone of transformation. Few have embraced this philosophy as profoundly as FreshCredit, a startup at the bleeding edge of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) sector. This revolutionary company is determined to rewrite the rules of credit scoring and lending.

The vision of FreshCredit is as simple as it is powerful: to democratize credit and empower the under-served. At the heart of their operations is a credit scoring system that leverages the transparent and immutable characteristics of blockchain technology. This approach enables them to offer credit solutions that are both secure and efficient.

“Our goal at FreshCredit is to break down barriers,” says CTO Devon Shigaki. “We are leveraging blockchain’s potential to build a credit system that is open, transparent, and accessible to all.”

FreshCredit’s pioneering blockchain approach to credit scoring presents a fresh perspective in the realm of finance – a space that has, for the longest time, been dominated by conventional, opaque credit institutions. But, for FreshCredit to realize its vision on a global scale, it needed a partner with extensive reach and a shared appetite for disruption.

T-Mobile: A Perfect Ally

T-Mobile, a telecommunications giant with a reputation for innovation, presented an ideal partner. With its global reach and millions of users across various devices, T-Mobile had the potential to propel FreshCredit’s services to a global audience, helping to democratize access to credit even further.

But how did this formidable partnership come to be? The story behind this alliance is a testament to the power of persistence and the art of networking.

The Journey Towards Partnership

Devon Shigaki, a regular attendee at the T-Mobile Innovation Hub events, understood the immense potential that T-Mobile represented for FreshCredit. However, it wasn’t until the seventh event that his persistence began to pay off, and T-Mobile’s influential players started to take notice of FreshCredit’s groundbreaking approach.

“Aaron Rainey, T-Mobile’s Senior Innovation Director, was among the executives who were drawn to our unique approach to credit scoring,” recounts Devon. After a series of discussions and negotiations, FreshCredit submitted an application to the T-Mobile Innovation Hub and was redirected to the wholesale side of the business, bringing them a significant step closer to their goal.

The Speaker Series and Beyond

Devon’s invitation to the first of T-Mobile’s speaker series marked a significant breakthrough for FreshCredit. There, he engaged with Vivian Wang, an influential figure in the innovation arena. These pivotal discussions set the stage for the transformative partnership between FreshCredit and T-Mobile.

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Ushering in a New Era

With FreshCredit’s credit solutions and T-Mobile’s expansive reach, the alliance between the two companies ushers in a new era of financial empowerment. The partnership is set to disrupt traditional credit scoring models, reaching deserving and under-served individuals across T-Mobile’s markets and beyond.

“Thanks to our partnership with T-Mobile, we are now one step closer to realizing our goal of democratizing access to credit,” says Devon. “Together, we are empowering individuals around the globe with control over their credit scores and introducing new, innovative ways for them to access lines of credit.”

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