Navigating the 5G Hub Speaker Series: FreshCredit’s Inspiring Journey At T-Mobile’s Public Events

June 28, 2023

When we at FreshCredit first received the invitation to participate in T-Mobile’s 5G Hub Speaker Series, we recognized the monumental potential in attending such an event. Little did we know that this series would become a cornerstone of our corporate journey, broadening our horizons and forging valuable connections.

April 18th – A Healthcare Perspective: Envisioning a Healthier Credit Ecosystem

Our journey began on April 18th, at an event focused on the marriage of healthcare and 5G technology. The atmosphere at T-Mobile’s Tech Experience 5G Hub in Bellevue, WA, was electric with innovative spirit, an environment we found deeply invigorating.

Erin Raney, Sr. Director Network Technology at T-Mobile, moderated the event with a masterful touch, weaving together diverse threads of technological progress in healthcare. Although we are part of the finance sector, understanding these advances opened our eyes to the potential for similar innovation within our own domain.

“Seeing healthcare and 5G technology converge reinforced our belief in the power of integrating blockchain and credit systems,” reflected Devon Shigaki, our CTO. “It was a profound experience that truly shaped our perspective on using technology to democratize credit.”

May 16th – An Excursion into the Metaverse: Drawing Parallels in Innovation

On May 16th, we ventured into the realm of the Metaverse, guided once again by Erin Raney and joined by industry luminaries like Kurt Liu of XRSpace|GOXR, Mischa Dohler from Ericsson, and XCOM Labs’ Paul Jacobs.

This immersive exploration served as a source of inspiration for us, demonstrating how seemingly uncharted territories could foster innovation. The event had us envisioning how blockchain technology could similarly disrupt the financial sector, forging a path toward fairer credit solutions.

January 24th – Spotlight on Startups: Our Moment to Shine

Perhaps one of the most resonating events was on January 24th, focusing on startups – a realm we intimately understand. This event, graced by industry leaders like Jim Brisimitzis from the 5G Open Innovation Lab, Aseem Datar of Madrona Venture Group, and T-Mobile’s Jeff Pellegrini, offered us more than just knowledge – it presented us an opportunity to share, to learn, and to grow.

Our presence and active participation in this event reaffirmed our commitment to innovation, inspiring us to push beyond existing boundaries in our pursuit of financial inclusivity.

October 18, 2022 – Gaming and 5G Convergence: A Testament to Radical Innovation

Come October 18, 2022, we found ourselves delving into the fascinating convergence of gaming and 5G. Esteemed representatives from NVIDIA, Playcrafting, and T-Mobile led the discussions, broadening our understanding of how diverse industries could intertwine to create transformative experiences.

“This convergence was a metaphor for our vision at FreshCredit,” explained Devon, “the fusion of blockchain technology and traditional credit systems to revolutionize financial accessibility.”

A Warm Reception: Laying the Foundations for Partnership

Through every interaction, every shared idea, T-Mobile’s warm and welcoming environment stood out. The series of events was more than just an opportunity to learn – it became a foundational building block toward a promising partnership with T-Mobile. The welcoming demeanor of T-Mobile’s staff, from Allan Tan’s inviting words to Erin Raney’s insightful moderation, reaffirmed our confidence in our shared vision.

Looking back at our journey through T-Mobile’s 5G Hub Speaker Series, we realize how these events were not merely dates on a calendar. Instead, they were crucial stepping stones that helped shape our approach to leveraging blockchain technology for credit solutions. Inspired by Ray Dalio’s ethos, “Great people know great people,” we made the most of this golden opportunity to mingle with industry leaders and foster meaningful relationships.

Indeed, each event marked a significant stride towards global financial inclusion. As we continue our journey, we remain committed to our mission: to democratize credit access and empower millions worldwide with the help of blockchain technology.

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