Plans & Pricing

This service will be moving to the blockchain allowing consumers to take control of their data and credit.


Deep Scan

Takes 15 mins
  • You will get 1 FICOs score updated weekly.
  • The system will scan +150 known data miner sites searching for your data
  • You can monitor a list of data miners with your data on the user dashboard
  • The system will rescan monthly to show you which sites removed your data
  • You will be able to monitor for new websites that may collect your data
Tip: Use the templates provided in your account dashboard with the list of data collectors, miners, and furnishers for you to begin contacting yourself to recover/freeze your information on these websites.


Deep Scan & Recover

30-90 days total. Average of 60 days.
  • Everything before +
  • We will begin requesting the data removal process from known data miners
  • We will email you a monthly report showing the websites that removed your data
  • We will follow up with the ones that didn't remove your data to pursue the removal
  • We will remove you from new websites with your data.
Tip: Once your data has been removed over the next 30-90 days, you should begin the data verification process outlined here if you disagree with any information stored on your file.

$29/m $100 

Deep Scan, Recover & Verify

30-180 days total. Average of 90 days.
  • Everything before +
  • We will handle the entire credit report dispute process from beginning to end
  • We will challenge negative and derogatory marks on your credit file that has already been "verified".
  • We will follow up with data miners, furnishers, and collection agencies to ensure your consumer rights are not being violated
  • Setup Deep Data Recovery & Security Freeze Processes
  • We will file CFPB complaints on your behalf if necessary
  • 7 Day Trial 3-Bureau FICOs Credit Score provided by IdentityIQ

Tip: Sit back and relax.

* WE DO NOT NEED your social security number.

* YOU WILL NEED to maintain an identityIQ membership for $27.99/m for the entire time during the data verification process. This is because your personal information is NOT stored on our website but in the cloud. At the same time, it is necessary for our software to operate and stay up to date with your credit reports safely & securely 24/7.

Average Length of Service

30+ Days
60+ Days
90+ Days
180+ Days

Average Increase In 90 Days

10+ Points
20+ Points
50+ Points
100+ Points
Kathrine Brines
Independent Thinker & Entrepreneur
I know they say the woman ran businesses are booming... and it's true for those with excellent credit. I get it, though. I mean, it makes sense. When I started focusing on my credit, I couldn't get anything but a secure card. Now it's a whole different story.
Dorian Williams
Student & Gig Economy Artist
I'm currently in school for my passion. At the same time, I'm trying to live, stay alive and work for a living. You get the idea. Good credit has helped me buy equipment and balance having a satisfying life. Which I need to be able to focus on my work. #recycle
Jason & Amy Walsh
Newly Weds & Travel Enthusiasts
Well, we both thought the day would never happen. Then covid happened, and Jason had to stare at me all day. He finally proposed while I was brushing my teeth. Boooo. So we couldn't do anything. A few months later, he surprised me with our honeymoon. 🥰
Sadik Falafal
First Generation Son & A Software Startup
I have been coding since I was a kid. I know I can run around and try to raise funds for my ideas, but that always made me feel pressured, and that's when I cant work. Fixing my credit, I could fund my own business and work the way I promised myself and my dad.


With FreshCredit™, you have a 90-day satisfaction guarantee refund policy. There are no special catches or exceptions. If you are not 100% satisfied with your paid membership, you can request a refund after completing 60 days of the process to see the results unfold. If at 90 days you are still unhappy with the results, we can process a full refund. That's it.
Important: This refund policy does not apply to Data Scan & Data Recovery Services.